The Basics of Swedish Finish Flooring

Swedish finish flooring sure sounds good and elegant and smart, doesn’t it?  But what is a Swedish finish, and is it something you really want to use on your wood flooring?

Swedish finish is not a brand name.  You will find no manufacturers going by this name.  It is a type of wood flooring finish that is high in VOC levels because it is acid-curing and contains formaldehyde.  Many professional wood flooring installers won’t touch the stuff because it requires certain approved respirators.  Maximum ventilation is mandatory when applying a Swedish finish; you don’t want to apply it in the winter.

But the chief reason why people do use Swedish finishes is because it is extremely hard and durable.

One unfortunate characteristic of Swedish finish is that it does tend to pull the grain up a bit.  So, after the 3-4 days’ curing time, you’ll probably need to do a light buffing.  Just put on the finest grit paper on your sander and give it a once-over.

Swedish Finish Quick List

So, to sum up a few basics about Swedish finish:

  • Smelly
  • Highly toxic
  • Very hard, durable
  • Requires an extra sanding
Swedish Floor Finish
Swedish Floor Finish

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