Who Are You?

Since 2006, I have been a professional, full-time writer specializing in all things related to improving homes:  repair, remodel, design, decor. From 2006 to 2012, I wrote the home renovations site for About.com, then owned by The New York Times Company.  In 2012, IAC purchased About.com.   In 2017, About.com split off its home-related publishing to a separate domain, The Spruce, where I remain as a full-time writer. While I am a hands-on home remodeler, my value on this site is as a judge of Internet-based home advice information, helping you find the good information and ignore the garbage.

Why Are You In So Many Photos?

Accountability, not vanity. By attaching my face to my statements, it makes me more aware that I need to be as accurate as possible. It also lets readers know that there is a real person behind the words.

What Are These “Best Answer” Articles of Yours?

“Best Answer” is a single, concise answer to questions about home remodeling that you can access rapidly. It is a kind of calculated dice throw, attempting to get the answer 100% right, of course. But even 80% right is fine, in the interests of providing to you a compact, easy to understand answer. The Qualifers section further down the article covers that missing 20%.

Basically, it is my response to the frustrating Internet phenomenon of giving you a 2,000 word article titled “10 Best Things About Laminate Flooring” when you just want to know if laminate can be used in bathrooms.

“You Speak of Presenting Honest Information But Some of Your Articles Look Suspect”

This site has been around since 2006. Articles from 2017 onward have been more rigorously researched, written, and edited. Some older articles may still be shifty, and I’m trying to get back around to them when I get a chance.

“Your Information Is Wrong”

Yes, it might be. Any information site will have errors. This site will have errors. Life is about errors. I am continually updating things. I value corrections, especially when it comes from industry insiders–people in the trades, company owners–or anyone who has inside information. I only want to hear from you if you are polite and can offer constructive information. If you’re being a jerk or using degrading language, I will ignore you–even if you’re right.