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Controlling Idea of This Site

Lots of home remodeling sites are unnecessarily complicated.  Even though I have been full-time home remodeling and writing about remodeling for over a decade, I would rather be doing something else when it comes to a lot of this stuff.

Who Are You?

Since 2000, I have been continually remodeling homes, beginning with a dilapidated 1913 farmhouse-style suburban Southern Maryland home to my current home in the Seattle, Washington area.  The work never ends; just ask my family.

Since 2006, I have been a professional, full-time writer specializing in all things related to improving your home:  repair, remodel, design, decor.

From 2006 to 2012, I wrote the home renovations site for About.com, then owned by The New York Times Company.

In 2012, IAC, the world’s leader in Internet publishing, with brands such as OK Cupid, Match, Vimeo, and The Daily Beast, purchased About.com.  My work as the home renovation writer continued without interruption.

In 2017, About.com split off its home-related publishing to a separate domain, The Spruce, where I remain as a full-time writer.

Corrections and Contact

Errors:  Any information site will have errors.  This site will have errors.  Life is about errors.  I am continually updating things.  I value corrections, especially when it comes from industry insiders–people in the trades, company owners–or anyone who has inside information.

The Be Nice Policy:  I only want to hear from you if you are polite and can offer constructive information.  If you’re being a jerk or using degrading language, I will ignore you–even if you’re right.

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Privacy Policy

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  • There may be times when we run a contest or promotion asking for additional information on you.  Again, this is your option to participate.

Basically, we have little interest in collecting information on you; that’s not our business.

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