Mapei Grout Color

Q: What is Mapei Grout Color?

Mapei Corporation supplies materials and equipment for the tiling industry.

Mapei offers grout products called OptiColor, Ultracolor, and Ultracolor Plus. These grouts and others have certain colors that are found in retail locations (Home Depot, etc.)

Q: Does Mapei have grout coloration stains?

No. OptiColor itself comes in what Mapei calls “36 designer colors.” But Mapei offers no separate grout coloration system.

Mapei Grout Color
Mapei Grout Color Chart

Q: What Mapei grout colors are there?

If you’re looking for something exciting and unconventional, sorry suckas – you won’t find it at Mapei. Mapei’s offerings are fairly normal (read: bland).

But it should be noted that it’s difficult to formulate a really brilliant grout color.  Most of the Mapei grout colors are fairly muted and earthen-toned.

Here are Mapei’s grout colors (take a deep breath now):  White, Bone, Cayenne, French Vanilla, Ivory, Terra Cotta, Biscuit, Straw, Gray, Pear, Alabaster, Warm Gray, silver, Harvest, Avalanche, Waterfall, Summer Tan, Lilac Green Tea, Irish Cream, Blue Oyster, Pewter, Sand, Magnolia, Sahara Beige, Malt Slate Gray, Chamois, Navajo Brown, charcoal, Camel, Pale Umber, Black, Mocha, and Cinnamon Spice.

Q: Where can I get more information about Mapei grout color choices?

I have found the Mapei Corporation website to be horribly unhelpful.  The Mapei grout color chart is duplicated right above.  But you’re welcome to take your chances.   The Mapei grout color chart is found here.

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