Sticking Windows? Some Tips to Help You Unstick Window

It doesn’t matter what season–spring, summer, or fall–you’ll probably want to open your windows at one point or another—if only to provide an emergency egress route. Or maybe to waft out some family member’s huge bathroom explosion. Whatever the case, freely sliding windows are a great thing. But how to open sticking windows? Here are a few tips you may want to try instead of going whole-hog and buying new windows or a sash replacement kit:

  • If the sash (the moving part) is stuck to the frame with paint, a little flat tool with sharp teeth called a window zipper can help. The zipper is about the only way to zip through paint. Don’t try using a utility knife or putty knife. Invest the two bucks and get a proper window zipper.
  • Lay a 1×1 against the outermost part of the sash and gently tap on the 1×1 with a rubber mallet. This may help unstuck the sash.
  • Try removing any built-up paint in the window tracks. If the paint is loose and flaky, then use a narrow putty knife or chisel. If the paint is hard, try paint remover and scraping.
  • Do you have a spring-loaded balance mechanism? Then get out a screwdriver and look for the little screws in the window tracks. These screws help you adjust the force of the balance mechanism.

Window Zipper Tool