Vinyl Siding Pros and Cons

Is vinyl siding the horrible thing that everyone makes it out to be?  I don’t believe so, and here is a balanced view at the vinyl siding pros and cons:

Vinyl Siding Pros

  • Vinyl siding is the cheapest type of house siding available.
  • Vinyl siding requires no painting.
  • Vinyl siding is very easy to clean–no power washer or special liquids.
  • Vinyl siding is a highly competitive industry, so homeowners can often negotiate good deals with siding companies and get extra perks like gutters and window casing.
  • Vinyl siding can be installed very quickly, usually in less than a week.

Vinyl Siding Cons

  • Vinyl siding, a petroleum product, is more flammable than other types of siding.
  • Vinyl siding can crack when hit by a rock from a lawnmower or something similar.
  • Vinyl siding will melt when subjected to even moderate heat: a barbeque grill placed nearby or even reflection from a neighboring window.
  • Vinyl siding is widely viewed as “cheap,” so potential home-buyers may look down on it.

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