Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane Oil-Based Clear Satin: What It Is, How It Is

Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane Oil-Based Clear Satin

What It Is

Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane Oil-Based (Clear, Satin) is a coating that you apply to wood. In simple terms, it’s the smelly stuff that applies as a liquid but turns hard after a few hours and which requires clean up with a petroleum product, not water.

Easy or Not?

By definition, any oil-based coating, whether it is a paint or wood coating, will not be easy. From the moment you open the lid and the pungent odor hits you to the last brush stroke on the wood and clean up, you are fighting the product.

This is the nature of oil-based coatings. In return, they give you hard shell protection. Oil-based trim paint, in particular, is famous for producing a smoother, flatter finish.

But if you want easy, Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane Oil-Based is not for you.

How It Is

Clear Has a Color

No matter what this product says on the label–or many coatings that claim to be “clear”–it does have a color and it will tone down your surface a shade.

Satin Is Semi-Glossy

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If you are accustomed to the satin sheen of paint, you will find that this satin is glossier than that.



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