Sandpaper Grit to Use for Sanding Wood Floors

When you’re sanding wooden floors (particularly if you have really crappy floors), the temptation is to really sand the hell out of them.  After all, something is motivating you to sand your floors.  If you have perfect floors, you wouldn’t be doing this.  You sand floors because they are grooved, pitted, stained, worn, scratched, or whatever.

So, should you buy a coarse grit sandpaper for the sander?

Or maybe a better way to phrase it:  Can you get by with buying coarse grit sandpaper for your sander?

Advisable to Use Coarse Grit?

Yes, but you need to look at your floor’s history a bit.  If it has been drum-sanded eight times already, you’re probably walking on rice paper now.  Not only would I advise against sanding, I would advise you to lay down all-new floors!

If this is the first or second drum-sanding, then feel free to lay down hard on those floors with a coarser grit–provided the floor has imperfections that warrant this.  Just abide by all the sanding rules to avoid destroying your floors.  Some stains and imperfections just need a good, hard floor-sanding, and that’s all.

Grits for Sanding Hardwood Floors

  • First Pass:  40 grit.
  • Second Pass:  60 grit.
  • Third Pass:  100 grit.
  • Optional Last Pass:  120 grit.

Grits for Sanding Soft Wood Floors

  • First Pass:  50 grit.
  • Second Pass:  60 grit.
  • Third Pass:  100 grit.
  • Optional Last Pass:  120 grit.

Author: Lee Wallender

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