Can You Install Glass Block Windows By Yourself?

You want to replace the leaky, drafty original basement windows with glass block windows.

You can do this.

I assume this fabricator will assemble the window unit, and then you intend to install it as a single unit in the opening.  The point I’m making is that you won’t be laying it block-by-block in the window opening, as if laying brick.

First, please check and see why your present basement window is leaking.  I know that it’s a bad window and is probably cracked and such.  But water should not even get close to a basement window.  So, even with a cracked window, you should not be getting water into your basement.

Often it’s as simple as making sure that a downspout isn’t pouring water around the window area.  Or you might just need to re-grade the ground around the window, sloping it away from the house.

So, yes, you can install a glass block window yourself.  The fact that it’s glass block is inconsequential; installation would be just the same as any other type of window.

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