Asphalt Paving Resources

Unlike a lot of home renovation topics, it’s tough for homeowners to find much information about asphalt paving.  The field is littered with asphalt paving companies and industry groupd, and really nothing for the consumer.  We try our best for you here:


The National Hot Mix Pavement Association (NHMPA) is right there on top of your search engine results, but that doesn’t mean a thing if you’re a homeowner.  It’s an industry group and doesn’t really have much for the consumer.  Still, it’s there if you need it.

But NHMPA does have a couple of consumer-related resources.

Beyond Roads

A group called Beyond Roads provides information about asphalt paving itself, but not necessarily about consumer-driven asphalt products.  So it’s a fairly interesting high-level resource, it won’t help you find a contractor in your area.