DIY Bar Carts That Require Little More Than Spray Paint

Devil may care.  Insouciant.  Heedless of convention.  Your friends may describe you this way when they learn that you own a bar cart.  Yes, a generously stocked bar cart does have a certain way of making an ordinary space feel like an exotic den of luxury.

Even if drinking is not your main passion in life, bar carts can be used as coffee services, mobile outdoor snack stations, bookshelves, potting tables, and curio holders.

Bronzed Beauty

Eden Passante over at Sugar and Charm began with a sturdy $60 utility cart purchased from Sam’s Club and spray-painted it a lush bronze color.  But the real finishing touch is the leather handle–a dead-ringer for that softly burnished brass $600 Libations Antique Brass Bar Cart? If low-key is more your look, Anthropologie will be happy to accommodate you with its $500 leather-handled Mercury Bar Cart.cart mentioned above.  Eden simply cut off a length of leather and hot-glued it to the handle.

Office Libations

Cosco indoor office carts are reliable but too plain to work as bar carts, reasoned Ryan Foy over at Manmadedly.

So he gave it the spray paint treatment, but that was only the beginning.  The true designer touches came from the addition of three IKEA silverware canisters connected with zip-ties, a wine glass rack stuck to the bottom with magnets, and a couple of cabinet pulls.

Blast Back To the Past

It was a rare find, but Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess were one of the lucky few in these ranks who managed to find an actual bar cart to begin the process of building…a bar cart.  Problem:  it looked nothing like a bar cart.

So after disassembling the cart, they painted the red surfaces black with Krylon and silver into gold (also Krylon), managing to turn this vintage cart back into one that actually looked vintage mid-century modern.

Not a Hack

IKEA hacks are everywhere.  But this transformation of an IKEA Raskog kitchen cart (less than $30!) might just be so incredibly simple that it cannot even be called a hack.

Rachel Shippy knew that Raskog was quality stuff, and it had just that post-industrial look she liked.  But the color?  The “colors wouldn’t mesh with my room’s black-and-white look,” says Shippy.

So with the help of dark-colored spray paint, she was able to turn a mild-mannered kitchen cart into a sexy bar cart.

Game On

No doubt about it, the Sears Craftsman 31″ 2-Tray Service Cart is just about as exciting as the name sounds.

Clued into this fact, Sears asked Amy Allen Clark to work a little magic for its Kenmore Blog.  With a few cans of spray paint, Amy turned it into a fun bar cart perfect for entertaining friends on game day.

Along with painter’s tape and gloves, Amy used two cans of Krylon Colormaster (Metallic Gold) and 1 can of Rust-Oleum Hammered Brown Spray Paint.

Green Machine

Carmen and Sarah at The Flair Exchange attached PVC panels from My Overlays as sidewalls in order to dress up an ordinary utility cart.