Cost of Sunroom?

Sunrooms exist in that kind of hazy Twilight Zone of addition-building.  Is it really an addition?  Does it qualify as a real structure?  And how much do sunrooms cost anyway?

The problem is that you cannot get a fix on the price of a sunroom without having a nasty salesperson call on you and give you the hard sell.  That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

If you want a “short answer,” I’ll give you a $10,000 to $15,000 cost estimate for an average sunroom.  For a more nuanced answer, read on…

Cost of “Average” Sunroom

First, it depends on the type of sunroom you want. has what I think is a pretty good fix on Your Basic Ordinary Sunroom, which they define as having:

  • A standard knee-wall
  • Half glassed
  • Solid roof sunroom
  • 400 square feet

Estimate:  about $10,000.  I am inclined to go higher than that:  $15,000.

Cost of Owens-Corning Sunroom:  Ouch!

But what about a fancy, complete package sunroom?  The Owens Corning SunSuites® Sunroom is one such no-hold-barred sunroom, with a fiberglass frame, integrated electrical system, roof, and a generous amount of glass.

Thanks to a promotional contest run by Owens Corning, we can fix the cost of this sunroom at about $40,000.

Owens Corning SunSuites Sunroom